Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Tuesday's Tip

Tuesday's Tip:

"If you tend to "graze" at night, set an eating deadline for yourself. For example, nothing to eat after 9pm or 10pm. And stick to it."

- Gary Scheiner, CDE

Share Your Secrets:

Making some headway in losing weight or lowering your A1C? Share your secrets, whether it's from a book, a magazine, an educator or your own personal discovery! Just email me what you are learning about being healthy and I will post them on the OCNMC website.


Paypal is now accepting your money! Please send in your wager by Friday, January 26 or... else.

EDIT: I just want to make sure everyone who has signed up is accounted for on my Challenge Track List. Please scan the list to make sure I have your name. If you aren't listed and you have already signed up, please email me asap! Thanks!

1. George

2. Art-Sweet

3. Scott

4. Jenny

5. Sarah

6. Kathleen

8. Julia

9. Kate

10. Hannah

11. Beth

12. Lori

13. Mel

14. Kelly

15. Heidi

16. Erica

17. Bernard

18. Wendy

19. Allison

20. Manny

21. Catherine

22. Sara

23. Monika

24. Shannon

and 25. Anne!


MileMasterSarah said...

I can't use paypal as I don't have a checking account. Can I mail you a money order?

Allison said...

Sarah, I think you can send it from a savings account... That's what I set up my account with. Give that a try and if it still doesn't work, let me know and I'll give you an address to send it to.

Anne said...

Hi Allison,
I just sent in a payment via paypal... So please add me to the official list!

Anonymous said...

I am posting a comment right now instead of eating. I always get hungry at this point of the day (just hungry not low - no excuse)and I work at a college so there is always food around.
Hoping this will distract me. :)

Allison said...

Sara - did it work?? LOL. Hope you were able to overcome your hunger. One thing you could do is bring low-carb snacks with you. Snacking isn't bad, it's just what we tend to eat when we want something quick and yummy! Bring a granola bar or a piece of fruit with you to school so you have something to munch on. Or get something to drink. I read somewhere that sometimes hunger means you're actually thirsty and that drinking water can help.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it worked alright. I actually got up to get some water and that did help. I also am addicted to Diet Pepsi - which makes you hungry so that is part of my problem. Check my blog in the next day or two to find out where my food challenge was this past weekend.
Off to the gym! :)