Saturday, January 6, 2007

Almost There...

Thanks to everyone who has signed up for the OC New Me Challenge! I was so worried that no one would want to join (now why on earth would I think something like that?) but I'm glad to be proven wrong!

I will post a full list of participants on Monday.

If you have joined, I have not yet figured out the whole Paypal thing so I will post details on Monday or Tuesday.

If you haven't joined, you better do it fast! I'm not accepting anyone past tomorrow. You have to email me your current stat, your goal and your wager.

If you are doing the A1C challenge, I would prefer it if you could actually email me your logs. I know not everyone can, but if you have the ability it makes things a lot easier for me. Sending a Word document logsheet also works. But please don't lie! If you are doing the weight challenge, you pretty much have to take a digital picture of you on your scale. If you can't, email me.

Finally, here are some updates on our monthly prizes:

- A Pump Pak, mini-Pak keychain (great for carrying glucose tabs) and a pump T-shirt donated by PumpWear, Inc.
- A $100 gift certificate for a necklace at Monsoon Artisans, donated by Beth at In Search of Balance.
- A year-long subscription to Diabetes Self-Management magazine.

More coming soon!

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