Saturday, January 27, 2007

One More Week....

Logsheets and photos are due next week.....

Nervous yet?

Don't be. I'm sure everyone's doing great, or at least trying their best. I, for one, probably won't qualify for the weight-loss section because I haven't lost any weight. The blood sugar one I might be okay with, but only if this week can bring my average back down.

How is everyone else doing? Remember, you can email me questions or comments you'd like to pose to the entire Challenge community. We're here to work together!

Love ya!


Anonymous said...

I am kinda wishing I had entered for averages and weight. My numbers have been really good but my weight is holding steady. Depending on the time of day, I will eaither be the exact same weight I started at or down 2-3 pounds. I will definitely be sending you a morning picture - when we weigh the least anyway :)!
Regarding the picture, since I live alone, the best picture I can get you is a picture of my feet on the scale. Good?

Scott K. Johnson said...

Nervous? Not really. Frustrated? A little.

Consistency and persistence I think are the keys to weight loss, and while I feel that I'm doing well with my calorie intake and excercise, I'm just not seeing what I was expecting. Yet.

I'm just doing a picture of my feet on the scale, so Allison can see the number.

Allison said...

Sara - I know how you feel. I keep weighing myself at night when I go to the gym, which is when I know I'm the highest. I need to buy a scale sometime this week... even though no one will be seeing my weight except me. Hm. Maybe I should find someone to be my accountability partner. Oh, and I only need the number, and your feet to prove it's not a giant rock on the scale. ;-)

Scott - I know what you mean! Hopefully things will start moving forward for all of us.

Bernard said...


I finally got a cable for my OneTouch and downloaded the awful numbers.

Now these are stored in a locked Access database. I've not used the software much.

Anyway my question is, how are we to submit these numbers to you? Should I be running on of the supported reports and send that to you?

Anne said...

Hey All,
What I do to help me lose weight is to track my calories on is another similar site, and they are both free. Then, you can see exactly how many calories you are eating, and if you are not losing weight (given that your exercise volume remains the same), you can simply reduce the amount of calories.

These sites allow you enter custom foods and nutridiary, at least, lets you add in meals that you commonly eat. It only works for me if I am brutally honest, entering every morsel of food.

Also, I found it worthwhile to have my resting metabolic rate measured a couple of years ago. Then I had some concrete numbers to shoot for, rather than some vague suggestions based on the masses.

Allison said...


If possible, save them as a PDF and email me them so I can see them. I'm just going to be looking at averages and seeing where the BGs fall. I'm not, obviously, going to be using this to recommend any changes, though I have a big mouth and I think I know everything, so don't be surprised if I make little comments.


George said...

again, I am with scott on this one.


But it is the first month and maybe not making will kick me into gear even more.

I hope I have lost 5 lbs by now.

**stomach grumbling**

manny hernandez said...

Dear fellow challengers:
I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

Your feedback would be appreciated.

MileMasterSarah said...

I lost seven lbs, which is totally stupid because I still feel like a big fat fattie.....hmmph.....and it only means that my clothes are still tight, but not quite as tight as they were before. double hmmmph.