Sunday, January 14, 2007

Sunday Success!

I am now a verified member of Paypal!

You can now send me your wager for the OC New Me Challenge on Paypal using my email address, I'm very happy that this is finally up and running and I can start collecting your money.

Operators are standing by.


Bernard said...


I just realized that Paypal will take a small amount from every payment you receive.

So I think if we get our wagers back, that we'll just have to accept the loss of some of that money. That seems fine to me.

Scott K. Johnson said...

I'm fine with that too. Heck, I think you should keep a little bit just for administering all of this stuff!!

Mine will be on it's way to you come payday...

George said...

I am fine with that too. Must wait until my bank account actually has money in it! :) Should be the end of the week.

Allison said...


I saw that initially when I first went to Paypal and I was hesitant about using it. While I have given my address to some people in the O.C., I'm not comfortable giving it to everyone because I don't know some of you well enough. So far I haven't noticed any loss of funds from the wagers. It looks like I am able to receive funds without any issue, but there might be some kind of limit to that. I'll keep everyone posted.

Scott K. Johnson said...

Ok Allison - sent my $$ today.