Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Tuesday Tidbits

Since Amy Tenderich posted about the Challenge on DiabetesMine this morning, I've decided to re-open the sign-up sheets for just a few more days in order to catch anyone who is interested who many not have heard of the Challenge until today.

Sign-ups close PERMANENTLY this Friday. I'm serious.

No extensions.


If you're just hearing about the Challenge, email me asap. The requirements for the drawing HAVE NOT CHANGED, so even if you sign up on Friday, you still have to lose 5 pounds or have a 14-day average of 175 by Feb. 4. It's the only way I can keep this semi-fair and not lose the rest of my sanity by having more than two requirements for the drawing.

Any questions, you know where I am.


julia said...

I've already lost five pounds...not that I can prove it, since I didn't take a picture of my scale on Sunday. I'll do that tomorrow, though. If I lose more, I'd like to get the attaboys for it, ya know? :D

Allison said...

Julia, I'll be posting how much everyone lost on Feb. 4, as well as every 2 week update that we do. :-) Everyone should be acknowledged for the work they do. 5 pounds is a small goal in that most of the weight is water weight so it's not as difficult for the first month... Consider it a jumpstart. I'm not going to be crazy and require 5 pounds every month.

The digital photos are only required for the weigh ins. I'm trusting people are telling the truth for their initial one.

manny hernandez said...

Thank you very much for extending the deadline, Allison!

Shannon said...

I've signed up. I'm sure you'll get my email before you see this comment :)