Thursday, March 15, 2007

Weight-Loss Websites!

The OC New Me website is basically here just to provide support and also report on how everyone is doing. But there are a TON of websites on the 'net that are dedicated to weight loss and showing you how to do it well. There are also some websites especially for people with diabetes who want to lose weight and stay fit. Here's a run-down:

dLife's Diabetes Diet: There customized meal and fitness plans; diabetes-friendly recipes; and tracking not only exercise and weight, but also your blood sugar. Helps with goals in meal planning, blood sugar management, and weight loss. There are free receipes on the website. Edit: The program is not free, it's $19.95/month. However, you have to be a member of dLife first, and that sign-up is free. I got confused.

Fitness4diabetics: A coaching team comprised of diabetes educators, exercise physiologists, nurses and nutritionists. Customized coaching for your particular goals, includes four months of online consultations. They also provide online seminars for participants. Membership is $300-$425 plus a $125 set-up fee depending on the type of plan you choose. Read an interview on Six Until Me with the founder.

OneTouch Gold: Lifescan's diabetes lifestyle website. Includes personalized fitness and meal plans; articles, tips and columns; recipes and coupons; tips on beating burnout and depression; and other health guides. Membership is free.

If you find any other websites for people with diabetes, just let me know! Hope you find these resources helpful in meeting your Challenge goal.


Bernard said...

Hi Allison

Sorry for not giving you some figures in mid March. I'll post some this evening for the last 4 weeks.

I hope you're well.

Robert Zemekis said...

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