Monday, March 5, 2007

Help Me Help You...

I have only received 11 monthly check-ins this weekend. Out of that, 5 people qualify for the Weight Loss Group drawing and 3 people qualify for the A1c Group drawing.

Now, we had this problem last month where I received check-ins everywhere from the Thursday before to the Wednesday after. So obviously I have my expectations set way too high for people's ability to all send me their data on the same day. I'd like some input before Wednesday. Do you want to have your own special day to send in your logs? Is a Thursday afternoon just way easier for you than a Sunday? First thing Monday morning? The entire weekend as an option? I'm just trying to figure out how I can coordinate this because right now I feel like I'm disqualifying a lot of people because no one sent in their logs. Ya'll did a great job with the mid-month check-in so I'm just wondering why so many people are a no show this time around.

March Results:

Congrats to...
Scott for an average of 150 mg/dl
Kathleen for an average of 154 mg/dl
Manny for an average of 153 md/dl

Congrats to...
Scott for losing 6 pounds
Sarah and Anne for both losing 4.5 pounds
Sara for losing 4 pounds
Lori for losing 3.8 pounds

Keep up the great work everyone!

Drawing winner will be announced this Wednesday along with the April goals

If you have not sent me your check-in, do that ASAP!! I need it for your records. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

I guess I am kinda confused. I thought we all needed to be on the same day to keep it fair.
I have been taking the picture of my scale on the actual day it is due. Otherwise, I feel like I could meet the goal, take a pic, and then slack the rest of the month. It is more of a motivation for me to know I have to do it on the actual day.
Am I the only one waiting until Sunday to take the pic? :)

Allison said...


Exactly! That's why I'm so insistent on it being on the same day.

However, if Sundays are indeed difficult for some people, then we can switch it so that some people's one month check-in will always be on, say, the 1st Monday of the month. Same distance as if it was on the 1st Sunday of the month. I'm also not as concerned if it's spread out over the weekend because it's more or less going to be the same number. My issue is just consistency for people and also the fact that I never hear from people. It's Monday afternoon and I'm still missing 10 people!

Bernard said...


I don't have a problem with sending it in on the day specified. I say drop the slackers that are dawdling.

(Snicker) that means the rest of us will share a bigger pool of prizes.

Seriously. I think you give a fair amount of notice for the day results are due.

So for the next time period when do you expect the results? I assume March 14th and March 28th or thereabouts.

Allison said...


Hm... Perhaps. I think sending out an email works better than just posting on this site. I don't think people check this very often. I should probably get David to add it to the Diabetes Headlines! Then everybody would see it!

The check-in dates will be posted on Wednesday.

Anne said...

Maybe giving the weekend (i.e., Sat + Sun) is okay. Sometimes I have a difficult time getting to the computer on Sundays...
But whatever you decide is fine with me! I just appreciate you organizing this.

MileMasterSarah said...

I think I mailed my weigh in on March 3rd, two days before. I didn't realize we were supposed to mail them in on the exact date.

Allison said...


I might do the weekend. Give people a bigger window of opportunity. It's not like a ton of weight or influence on your average will happen in one day, so I think that's safe.


I would prefer it to be on Sunday just to keep things fair, but it's better to be one or two days early than late. I like writing up the scores and posting them all at the same time, and if I don't know when to stop receiving them, we'd never get the results up.

Scott K. Johnson said...

I'm good with whatever is decided. I can make it happen.

I want to go with whatever is easiest for you Allison - I very much appreciate not only you organizing all of this, but the feedback I'm getting too!