Thursday, April 5, 2007

Kicking In Second Quarter!

Okay, folks, we've now entered into the month of April thus beginning the second quarter of the OC New Me Challenge. I am very encouraged that everyone is working hard and sending in their reading. Just remember that there are still nine more months to go until the final check-in, so if you haven't made as much progress as you thought, keep hanging in there.

Here are the April results:

Congrats to Scott for losing another 3 pounds and a 14-day average of 155 mg/dl.
Congrats to Kathleen for a 14-day average of 163 mg/dl.
Congrats to Kelly for a 14-day average of 156 mg/dl.
Congrats to Catherine for losing another 2 pounds.
Congrats to Sara for losing another 2 pounds.


Congrats to Scott for winning the A1C drawing! He will receive an autographed copy of Cheating Destiny by Jim Hirsch.

Congrats to Catherine for winning the Weight Loss drawing. She will receive a copy of When You're a Parent with Diabetes by the OC's very own Kassie Palmer.

May Requirements:

A1C Group
14-day average of 165 mg/dl or below, with no more than 7 blood sugars over 300 and a minimum of 6 blood glucose readings each day.

Mid-month check-in: April 22-23.
Final check-in: May 6-7 (a.k.a. THE FIRST WEEKEND OF THE MONTH).

Weight Loss Group
A minimum of 2 pounds.

Mid-month check-in: April 22-23.
Final check-in: May 6-7 (a.k.a. THE FIRST WEEKEND OF THE MONTH).


A1C Group
Think Like a Pancreas by Gary Scheiner

Weight Loss Group
Conquering Diabetes by Dr. Anne Peters

In addition:

If you sign up for one of the programs listed in the post below and reach the goal for May, you will be entered into the drawing twice, which double your chances for winning the prize. You must forward a confirmation email from the program for verification.

Edit: I made a mistake with the pricing in the previous post. Two of the programs are pay-programs, one of the programs is free. It doesn't matter which one you sign up for. Also, if you sign up for another program like Weight Watchers, if you can show me an email proving you signed up, you get credit for that too.

Late Check-ins:

If you have not sent in your check-in for April, you must send it to me by 9:00 p.m. EST on Thursday, April 5 in order to qualify for the May drawing.

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Suggestions?
Email me.


Scott K. Johnson said...

Awesome! Thank you!

Let's keep it rolling everyone!

Build off your positive momentum and leverage it to reach that next level!

Bernard said...


Now that I'm using the Dexcom I'm doing a lot less actual finger sticking.

So your requirement of testing six times a day might be hard for me to make.

I'm down from about 7 tests a day to around 4, I think.

I'm waiting for the software for the Dexcom. When it arrives, I'll run it and send you the results.

Maybe that'll let me satisfy that requirement without as many tests?

Allison said...


I was on the DexCom last fall and I HATED their software print-outs. They were almost completely unreadable for me. Hopefully they've changed, otherwise it might not do me much good.

Let's go with a minimum of 4 readings for you, since you are on the DexCom. That'll keep you honest. :-D

Bernard said...

Hi Allison

I don't think I'll have a problem of making 4 a day.

I'm still waiting for the darn software. They're not exactly being fast about it. I suspect they may be intimidated by me. For example, I notice that when you Google for Dexcom, my blog currently comes in around #23 (and that's up from last week).

So I'll see what the software does and I'll post about it on my blog (which at this stage looks a little like a Dexcom blog).