Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Wednesday Winners!

Drawing Winners!

Congratulations to Wendy and Mel for being the winners for this month's O.C. New Me drawing!

Wendy won a copy of Gary Scheiner's The Ultimate Guide to Accurate Carb Counting and Mel won a year-long subscription to Diabetes Self-Management.

Congrats to our Weight Loss Drawing qualifiers:

Mel for losing 8 pounds!
Sarah for losing 7 pounds!
Catherine for losing 6 pounds!

Also, congrats to:
Julia for losing 4 pounds!
Beth for losing 4 pounds!
and to me for losing 3 pounds!

Edit: And to Anne for losing 6 pounds!

A1C Congrats to...

Scott for an average of 137 mg/dl!
Jenny for an average of 135 mg/dl!
Kelly for an average of 136 mg/dl!
Kathleen for an average of 155 mg/dl!
Manny for an average of 135 mg/dl!
Wendy for an average of 156 mg/dl!


Bernard said...

Can I tell the A1C folks how envious I am?

Some of the issues are due to me, but some are due to the blah-iness that I'm feeling right now.

Don't you hate it when you're not eating much, your basal is about 20% more than usual, and your BGs are still pegged over 220??

I'm hoping it all passed soon, so I have a chance for the next drawing.

Never Far From Home said...
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In Search Of Balance said...

Woops. The last post was me, though my computer was signed in as my husband. So I'll repost under the right username:

CONGRATULATIONS to the winners, Wendy and Mel! Hooray!

And, of course, best wishes to everyone in this next month.

Lori Rode said...

Congratulations to all! I sure wish my name was up there but there's always next time. Let's all keep on making good choices, and hoping the numbers reflect those good choices.

Scott K. Johnson said...

Way to go everyone!!